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Xtratuf 15-inch Legacy Non-Insulated Neoprene Boots

Item #: 22272G
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  • 100% waterproof, seamless construction
  • Flexible, hand-layered construction
  • Triple-dipped shells for extra tough, extra watertight protection
  • Chevron outsole and heel
  • Built-in cushion insoles with arch support

Neoprene footwear will give you flexible, all-day comfort and the best protection against the broadest range of acids, corrosives, and contaminants. Only XTRATUF® neoprene pacs offer a "total protection shield" of seamless, watertight protection for the most severe fishing, farm, and work conditions.

Xtratuf Boots are built to withstand tough conditions in extreme fishing environments, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, poultry processing, petrochemical, agri-chemical, dairy and food processing, waste disposal, sanitation, breweries, bottling, farming and other industries that require neoprene boots.


Triple-dipped seamless neoprene coating. Waterproof and highly resistant to many organic and inorganic acids, and contaminants. Vulcanizing seals and strengthens this superior watertight material.

Softer, lighter, more pliable neoprene rubber. More comfortable and flexible than other waterproof boots. Hand-layered construction allows flex and strength at critical stress points.

Durable fabric linings and supportive heel counters. Soft liner wicks away moisture and allows feet to easily slide in and out. Counters reduce heel slippage and provide form-fitting comfort.

Extra-strength foxing at the toe and heel, and slip-resistant outsole. Foxing protects against knocks and wear while the slip-resistant outsole and heel provides superior grip on smooth, wet surfaces.

Cushion insole with arch support. Built-in insole helps fight fatigue and stress of tired legs and back.

Get boots that fit your application: See our Boot Comparison Guide to understand the difference between rubber, neoprene, pvc and other boot types.

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Customer Reviews

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Posted by: Arrow from , ND
Great waterproof boot. Much more comfortable than I expected. They are a little small around the calves but they are a great boot.
Posted by: schist from Las Cruces, NM
These are the best brand of rubber boots on the market. I can wear them all day and be comfortable. I wont buy any other type/brand.
Posted by: Kaitlyn from Allendale , Mi
Love love love my xtratufs! Like seriously, I didn't know it was possible to love a pair of rubber boots this much. After working two summers in Alaska and seeing everyone there with them, I finally splurged and bought some myself. Best decision ever. I live in Michigan, so our winters can be kind of nasty, and I've literally been wearing them everywhere. I work at a greenhouse, so they keep my feet nice and dry while watering, and also while splashing through puddles on my way across campus. I would definitely recommend buying a pair, you won't regret it. Gearcor was very quick on sending them too, which was awesome!
Posted by: Kellie from New Paltz , NY
Great boots, it's made for men but being a woman I love them. They are my go to boots everyday when I go outside to walk the dog or go to the dog park. When it's raining they are perfect to walk around in and look cool. Everyone always comments on how they love them.
Posted by: Billy from Veneta, Or
These boots are the only way to go. Gearcor has the best prices around. Super comfortable when I offshore fish. Feet stay nice and dry.
Displaying 1 - 5 of 18 reviews    

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