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A food processing company specializing in the manufacturing of specialty sauces, soups, stews, pie fillings and butters had product failure issues with the footwear their employees were using. The company also needed a way to manage their company benefit of a safety footwear allowance.

This company had multiple failures in their safety boots and wanted better quality footwear for their employees. They also needed specialty footwear with different safety features that would be unique to each individual department's work processes. Slip resistance was a top priority, but finding quality, waterproof, safety footwear that would withstand wear and tear from metal grates was also key. They were looking for a way to reduce costs and requested assistance in finding good quality footwear at a reasonable price.

Gearcor provided multiple samples of recommended safety footwear as a wear-test for the company. Results from the wear-test were used in the selection of footwear for each area of the food processing plant. The Gearcor Safety Footwear program allowed for specific footwear selections for each employee based on their department's safety requirements and/or work process. This ensured that employees received the proper footwear for their job types.

Managing the employee shoe allowances was a manual process that was time consuming for the Benefits Administrator. The company was also looking for a way to control expenses and manage their safety budget.

The Gearcor administration website provided a simple, easy to use tool for managing the company's footwear benefit program. The system provided total program visibility and access to employee information, management of employee allowances, and the ability to maintain an accurate employee census. For additional program control, the optional Order Approval Process was activated and provided the administrator the ability to approve or deny orders before they were released to Gearcor for shipping.

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