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Waterproof Lineman Boots

Waterproof performance in footwear With leather or synthetic material work boots or shoes there are three different levels of relative waterproofness. The most waterproof leather boots have a full, built-in internal liner such as Goretex. This full membrane allow the boot to breath, but prevents the penetration of water. Then there is waterproof treated leather. The shoe leather or nylon has been treated with oils or water proofing chemicals to resists the penetration of water. The final level of waterproof performance is not really water proof at all but simply the ability of the leather or tight knit of fabric materials to repel water. With rubber, neoprene, PVC, NBR or other rubber type boots, waterproof is generally a given. The question with these types of waterproof boots is are they resistant to other fluids or chemicals such as oils, fats, milk, caustic chemicals, acids and other substances that can damage the boots and destroy the waterproof value of the footwear.

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