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NEOS Customer Reviews

"I have been wearing NEOS for some time now and they are the best winter footwear item I have ever found. Easily the best investment that I have made for cold weather gear"
USPS Letter Carrier, Jamestown, NY

"I just had to tell you about the NEOS STABILicers® we purchased from you. We have not had a single slip accident while wearing your overshoes. I am recommending these STABILicers® to our entire safety department!
Fuel delivery company, Athol, MA

"We want to let you know how pleased we are with the STABILicers® that we purchased. They have performed exceptionally in all weather and all of my employees feel more comfortable and safe"
Waste Systems company, Missoula, MT

"Since using NEOS, my last set of leather work boots have lasted two years and are still looking like new! I can't live without them now."
Construction worker, Chicago, IL

"I really appreciate them and like the many letter carriers that use your products, I am finally warm and dry on the coldest winter days"
USPS Letter Carrier, Burlington, Vermont

"As a home inspector, I wear my NEOS to do the outdoor inspections in fowl weather and simply take them off on the porch before going inside. Nobody wants mud and snow dragged through their home."
Professional Home Inspector, Syracuse, NY

"Great overshoes! I have been using NEOS for over a year now and have never failed to appreciate their utility and comfort. Thanks for making such a great product!"
Consumer, St. Paul, MN

"It is in harsh environments when you see what gear you can really depend on, and I'm just amazed by my NEOS Navigators. My feet stayed warm, dry and no snow or ice stuck to the sole"
Winter camper, Plattsburgh, NY

"My NEOS fit over the orthopedic shoes quite seamlessly. What a difference this has made in my life. Thank you so much for creating such an innovative product"
Orthopedic shoe wearer, Bend OR

"Just to let you know we had a great bike trip above the Arctic Circle. The NEOS Overboots saved the day as we experienced 30+ below w/ wind and we were forced to completely seal it out to stay warm. The NEOS worked great and we wore them the entire time. Thanks again for helping us out."
Adventurer, ANCHORAGE AK

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