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NEOS Overshoes Comparison Chart

All Season   Height
(Size M)
Weight Upper Fabric Outsole Snowshoe

The Villager is Ultra-light, compact, easy to store in luggage or vehicle for unexpected weather conditions. Ideal for light snow, commuting, travel and occasional use.
10"  1.6lbs  160 Denier  Superlite  Yes  0° F 

The Voyager is well-suited for light hiking in wet conditions and in the snow. Deeper traction and more durable than the Villager.
11"  2.0lbs  500 Denier  Perma  Yes  0° F 

The Adventurer provides calf-high coverage of footwear and pant legs in deep snow or mud. Deep traction sole and rugged construction for use over shoes or boots.
15"  2.2lbs  500 Denier  Perma  Yes  0° F 
The Explorer is insulted for added warm and guards footwear from snow and slush and keeps your feet extra warm in winter months.
11"  2.4lbs  500 Denier  Perma  Yes  -20° F 

Navigator 5™
The Navigator is the ultimated deep snow and cold weather overshoe. Thick Insulation, superior fit, (tri-loc strap) and aggressive tread for the outdoor enthusiast. Expandable gator covers up to the knee.
15"  3.3lbs  840 Woven Poly  Vibram Ninja  Yes  -20° F 
Uptowner X™
The Uptowner is the most popular urban commuting overshoe, designed to be worn over dress shoes and polish them at the same time.
9"  3.0lbs  500 Denier  Perma  Yes  -20° F 
Ice Traction
Voyager™ STABILicers®
The Voyager Stabilicer features 100% waterproof protection with steel ice cleats in the sole. Perfect for those who demand the ultimate in safe traction with the added warmth of a NEOS® overshoe.
11"  2.4lbs  500 Denier  STABILicers  N/A  0° F 

Explorer™ STABILicers®
The Explorer Stabilicer is the best, insulated ice traction device on the market! Works over shoes and work boots.
11"  3.2lbs  500 Denier  STABILicers  N/A  -20° F 

Navigator 5™ STABILicers®
The Navigator 5™ STABILicers® has become the footgear of choice for heavy activity in icy conditions. Ideal for ice fishing, winter hiking, and difficult work conditions. Expandable gator covers up to the knee.
15"  3.3lbs  840 Woven Poly  STABILicers  N/A  -20° F 

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