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Overshoes in Action

Glenn Bartley wearing Voyager overshoes

Professional outdoor photographer finds an easy way to stay comfortable and dry in wet conditions.

Glenn Bartley travels the globe capturing amazing images of birds and other wildlife. He takes small groups on outings in various parts of the world and teach them photography skills. Destinations include Ecuador, Costa Rica, Vancouver Island and Churchill.

Having the right footwear can make a big difference when you are out on a photography workshop. You need good hiking boots for walking, but also need something waterproof for streams, marshland and wet tundra. NEOS Overshoes provide the waterproof protection you need and can be easily folded down and stored when not in use. Read more reasons to use NEOS overshoes instead of other types of waterproof footwear.

Glenn Bartley shares his findings after trying out NEOS Overshoes for a season: "I use the NEOS Overshoes often while out in the field. Just slip them on and stay dry. It's that easy! And unlike rubber boots which can be cumbersome - the NEOS products are comfortable to wear all day."

Glenn keeps several pairs of overshoes on hand to give to his workshop participants. Glenn remarks, "Our participants are loving the overshoes! Several had never heard of them before and said they would 'definitely be buying a pair'."

Visit Glenn Bartley's website: www.glennbartley.com and see some of the amazing photos that he has taken.

We recommend using the Voyager 11" or Adventurer 15" overshoes for doing some outdoor photography of your own.