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Why NEOS Overshoes?

  • Think traditional overshoes lack traction, warmth and style? We do.
  • Think there's a better way to protect your footwear in foul weather? We do. In fact, we know. We use NEOS!

NEOS are "Performance Overshoes". Whether you're commuting to work, caught in a downpour or even trudging through snow and mud, NEOS are perfect for your feet.

Here's why:

Wear your favorite shoes all year

That's right, no matter what the weather, NEOS let you wear your favorite shoes, whether they're dress leathers, sneakers or comfortable sandals. Our adjustable instep strap holds your feet securely in place.

Completely waterproof

When we say waterproof, we mean it! All stitched seams have been taped with special waterproof "hot melt" tape to make sure water won't find its way to your feet. We guarantee they won't leak or your money back.

Lightweight instant boots

Don't worry about taking off your favorite shoes and putting on big, clunky, heavy boots before heading out. Slip on a pair of NEOS instead. They're lightweight, simple to get on and off and pack easily in your bag.

Packs down small

They're perfect for commuting or traveling. Once you get to your destination, slip them off and fold them into your bag. It's that simple.

Insulated warmth

With a good pair of socks, your favorite shoes, and NEOS overshoes you will have up to 5 layers of protection to keep you toasty warm! Since NEOS are 100% waterproof and windproof they keep the warmth in and the cold out without bulky boots or liners.