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Kamik Elements Collection Boots

Kamik Elements Collection: Made in USA Rubber Boots

The Elements Collection is Kamik's most versatile boot, utilizing a patented manufacturing process: LockFIT, which conforms to your feet for a more comfortable and supportive fit. Together with RubberHe, this lightweight and waterproof boot keeps outdoorsmen protected, so they can forget about their feet, and focus on the task at hand. Rubber HE, also known as Helium Rubber is 50 percent lighter than natural rubber and is nearly indestructible. Helium rubber is also flexible and does not harden in the cold. It can be flexed over 2 million times without cracking! American made, for American workers: The Kamik Elements boots are the ONLY rubber and neoprene boots that are made in the U.S.A.    


  1. All-Weather Collar & Neoprene Upper
    100% Waterproof
    4-way stretch Neoprene upper with Moisture Wicking Air Mesh lining and Aegis Antibacterial Treatment. The Coldcreek style features an adjustable collar that closes tight, keeping elements out and heat and body odor in. Roll down the shaft of the boot to reveal an orange safety lining for even more protection.
  2. LockFIT Construction
    LockFIT is Kamik's patent-pending construction process that uses injection molding together with their proprietary "split" last to give the boot a specific foot form. This creates a more tailored, comfortable and supportive fit without sacrificing ease of entry, durability and protection.
  3. Lower portion made of lightweight RubberHe
    RubberHe is a Kamik exclusive rubber technology that's the perfect material for a three-season boot. Extremely lightweight, all Kamik RubberHe is designed, developed and made in North America. And even though it's lighter than the competition, RubberHe still offers the same durability and protection of natural rubbers, yet is completely unaffected by temperature. So these boots maintain their flexibility and traction in any condition, whether hot or cold.
  4. All-Weather Outsole
    Grips and disperses snow, slush and rain. 100% Waterproof thanks to a RubberHe shell, neoprene layer and double taped seams.

Advanced Outsole Features

  1. Water channels
    Disperse water and increase traction, boot will not hydroplane due to full side-to-side grooves.
  2. Grooved heel pad
    Reduces slip, allows water to disperse, and creates a soft touchdown at heel to enhance traction.
  3. X shank
    Positioned underneath the surface to offer maximum support when climbing a tree stand or walking over uneven surfaces.
  4. Large flat surface area
    Provides traction on flat ground and flat rocks.
  5. Center lugs
    Provide enhanced cushioning and traction by putting more tread on the ground.
  6. Mini spikes
    Provide additional traction on sticks, stones and uneven, choppy terrain