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NEOS Overshoes

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NEOS overshoes provide a tough barrier between your everyday footwear and the harsh elements of nature. Wear your favorite shoes or boots with confidence that your feet and footwear will stay warm and dry. With different heights, insulation, and traction to offer the right amount of protection, NEOS has got you covered. See how quick and easy it is to put on NEOS Overshoes by watching our video demonstration.

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NEOS are designed to protect your favorite footwear from rain, snow and slush. Now, you don't have to worry about ruining your favorite shoes in the snow, just snap on your NEOS and your good to go! Instant boots for any weather!

Overshoes Customer Testimonial

NEOS Villager

Recently I ordered the NEOS Villager over shoe from your company. I have searched for about 6 years for a boot to go over my shoes for the winter months in Wisconsin and came up with nothing that worked because of falling arches and tarsal tunnel in my feet.

I love my boots. They fit very nice and are not clumsy or bulky. They slide on great and are very comfortable. I can finally go out in the bad weather & not wreck my shoes or inserts - and they look like regular boots!

Keep up the good work!!!

One Happy Customer,

Mary from Sussex WI

Overshoes in Action

Overshoes in action

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