The right shoes or boots can make a real difference. Not only can the proper safety footwear help prevent lost time accidents and injury, but comfortable, well-designed footwear with specialized features can improve employee performance. An integrated safety footwear program also ensures company compliance with OSHA regulations and improves employee satisfaction and observance of company work rules.
Gearcor offers you and your employees, access to your own, customized, co-branded safety footwear website. We'll help you determine the right mix of shoes that match the unique needs of your employees and work environments. Our offering of name brand, high quality shoes are available at prices well below typical shoe truck programs. This enhances the value of your subsidy program and encourages employees to purchase the appropriate footwear for their job.
As the employer, you have complete backend access to simplify program coordination, bookkeeping management and reporting - all of this, included free with your Gearcor Safety Shoe Program.
Employees benefit from:
  • Easy Online Ordering
  • High Quality Footwear
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns and Exchanges
  • Discount Pricing
  • Convenient Delivery Options
  • Helpful Customer Service
Employers benefit from:
  • Co-Branded Website
  • Simplified Subsidy Program Management and Accounting
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Total Program Visibility
  • Reporting & Budgeting Tools
  • Consolidated Invoicing Options
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