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Electrical Hazard Work Shoes

Electrical Hazard Boots or Shoes are generally referred to as EH shoes and provide a small level of protection against full grounding in an electrical hazard environment. According to OSHA, Electrical hazard, safety-toe shoes are nonconductive and will prevent the wearers' feet from completing an electrical circuit to the ground. These shoes can protect against open circuits of up to 600 volts in dry conditions and should be used in conjunction with other insulating equipment and additional precautions to reduce the risk of a worker becoming a path for hazardous electrical energy. The insulating protection of electrical hazard, rubber safety-toe boots may be compromised if the shoes become wet, the soles are worn through, metal particles become embedded in the sole or heel, or workers touch conductive, grounded items. Note Nonconductive footwear must not be used in explosive or hazardous locations. Shoes that are EH will usually have EH imprinted in the tongue of the shoe or on some type of visible tag.

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