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Gearcor’s technology fits seamlessly into your organization’s operation through two platforms: the Employee Marketplace and the Manager Dashboard.

Employee Marketplace

The Employee Marketplace is a private co-branded website that acts as a one stop shop for all your employees and managers to easily order pre-approved uniform, footwear, PPE and other consumables using their smartphone or desktop. Any product you currently purchase from any vendor can be added to the platform.

Simple manager email approvals can be set up for any product category providing extra control.

Individual employees, managers, teams or divisions can be granted access to specific product catalogs based on their role, locations and/or division.

Employees, managers and teams can be given allowances or budgets for specific product categories giving you full control over spend.

The Gearcor Marketplace is the most efficient and user friendly method for your employees to order and receive the gear they need.

Manager Dashboard

To help managers administer their company's marketplace, Gearcor provides a Manager Dashboard with reporting tools, purchase tracking, employee management, budget control settings and safety inspection software. We provide everything you need to transform the way you procure and distribute footwear, safety gear and consumables.

Manage Employee Records and Vouchers

With Gearcor, it's easy to manage your employee census and keep track of employee voucher balances. Employee balances are always updated automatically for new purchases and reimbursement requests. To get started, simply send us your employee census and we'll import everything for you.

Manage Departments and Locations

Keep everything organized by entering your locations and departments. You can have location or department administrators or keep everything centralized with one administrator tracking the entire program.

View Employee Purchase History

View all employee purchases and filter by department or location. Search all purchases by employee name, order date or purchase amount. Keep track of reimbursement requests and their status.

Program Expense and Budgeting Reports

Keep track of your company's subsidy program spend along with company and department level budget usage.

Billing Management and History

Easily find and save/print PDF copies of your invoices from Gearcor. We can provide separated billing based on your company's cost centers, departments or locations.


Password-protected sign-in for both employees and administrators. Employee sign-in credentials can be setup with their employee ID # or an email address and password.

Getting Started

Gearcor's five step onboarding process makes implementation easy.


Designed for specialized and industrial work environments.


Custom logo printing and embroidery available.

Safety Gear

High quality fall protection and personal protective equipment.

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