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Private Website and Employee Ordering
Gearcor offers companies a co-branded, online store for their employee's footwear, clothing and PPE purchases. Employees can place orders using their computer or mobile device and browse their company's custom selection of safety footwear, PPE, clothing and/or logo apparel on the private company store. Phone ordering and printed catalogs are also available. Employees have little or no out-of-pocket expense as they take advantage of Gearcor's payment options including automatic allocation of the employer's footwear or clothing allowance, payroll deduction (optional) and use of their personal credit card for any left-over balance.

Account Management
The Gearcor Administration website allows your program administrators to have total visibility and control of your company's subsidy program. In the administration section you can:

  • Manage Employee Records and Vouchers
  • Manage Departments and Locations
  • View Employees Purchase History
  • View Program Expense and Budgeting Reports
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Fulfillment and Delivery
Gearcor offers Free Ground Shipping on all orders placed on a company's private employee store. In-stock items usually ship the same day out of our warehouse and distribution center in Conklin, NY. Some items ship from our strategically located vendor warehouses. Online tracking data is provided on all shipments and our customer service team is standing by to help you at a moment's notice.

Out-of-system Purchase Tracking
Sometimes companies or employees may desire to purchase footwear or other PPE items from other online retailers or in a physical store, perhaps in proximity to their facility. Gearcor provides an easy way to manage out-of-system purchases where employees can upload receipts and administrators can view receipts and track reimbursements within Gearcor's administrative system. Receipts can be photographed on a mobile device or scanned to a computer and uploaded and saved in digital format. This feature will eliminate having to manually adjust voucher balances and keeping track of employee's paper receipts. Your company's accounting department can receive email notices of reimbursement requests accompanied by e-receipts and online administration records. To simplify this process further you can outsource receipt verification to Gearcor's Verification Team for a nominal fee.

Simplify Administration

Eliminate time-consuming record keeping and paperwork.

Footwear Options

Designed for specialized & industrial work environments.

Uniform Options

Custom logo printing & embroidery available.

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