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Companies across the country turn to Gearcor to help manage their corporate uniform, footwear and PPE programs. See how Gearcor and our business services eliminate bottlenecks in your operation saving you thousands of hours each year.


Simplify Multi-Location Purchasing and Achieve Complete Safety Program Visibility
The Gearcor Marketplace is ideal for companies with employees who work at multiple locations. The easy-to-use web-based platform facilitates management of a company's entire Safety Apparel & PPE Program. The Gearcor software provides total program visibility, ensures purchasing and policy consistency across the organization and manages total program spend.

  • Manage Employee Records and Vouchers
  • Manage Purchasing by Department / Location
  • Monitor Employee and Location Purchase History
  • Establish and Track Program Expenses and Budgeting

Empower Employee Self-Service and Simplify Program Administration
On the company-branded private website, employees can easily order what they need to safely do their jobs. Pre-established allowance rules let employees manage their own uniform and PPE purchases based upon the company's budget and safety parameters. With the Gearcor system, company policies are turned into a digital infrastructure that helps ensure compliance with OSHA regulations, improves employee satisfaction and simplifies program administration.

Create a Safety Destination and Ensure Safety Compliance
The Gearcor Employee Marketplace is more than just a web-store, it can be a safety destination for employees. Not only can employees manage their own purchasing, they can complete safety inspections, receive safety training and stay up-to-date on company safety policies. With safety inspections, employees are prompted to perform step-by-step inspections of their personal protective equipment such as fall protection gear or other devices such as material handling equipment, vehicles and machinery. The system enables EHS managers to remotely monitor completion of employee equipment inspections and maintain digital compliance records.

Streamline Purchasing from Multiple Vendors on the Gearcor Marketplace
The Gearcor Marketplace allows for the inclusion of other vendors, enabling companies to purchase from their preferred suppliers on a single web-based platform. The system can manage multiple purchasing models such as directing orders to an outside vendor that will ship the product or Gearcor can operate as a fulfillment service distributing vendor or company-owned inventory. The flexibility of the system enables companies to maximize their purchasing leverage and work with vendors or manufacturers that have desired expertise.

Program Overview

Manage employees across multiple locations and departments.

Simplify Administration

Eliminate time-consuming record keeping and paperwork.

Footwear Options

Designed for specialized & industrial work environments.

Uniform Options

Custom logo printing & embroidery available.

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